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From 1961, all around Finland

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Our business is divided into five sub-areas of sales and maintenance services. All areas will complement and support each other. The range of our expertise serves both small and large companies in offices and stores across the country.

Konttorilaite / Kassalaite
Our Sales Office at Tampere

Väinämöisenkatu 13, 33540 Tampere

9 - 17
Mo-Fr 9 - 16

03 260 9600

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Available products and services

We provide support to all equipment we supply, and offer all office supplies, maintenance and After Sales Services. Financial Services are an integral part of our business. We are proud of our own KnowHow and high quality of our services and products we offer.

As part of our service we provide our customers with ICT, document handling and printing technology equipment as well as POS systems and POS software.

We also provide supplies and other life-cycle services to all our products. In addition we offer mobile phones and tablet computers as well as Elisa/Saunalahti data connections.

We work closely with various manufacturers and we are a certified partner for many brands such as OKI, Canon, Dell, Microsoft and Adobe.

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Service Solutions and Financial Services

All key IT areas are covered by our maintenance and support services, and we are trained in maintenance of all our main products. We offer comprehensive care contracts with fast response times.

As an important part of our services we offer stable and reliable financial models. We provide ICT solutions budgeting for starting and growing companies alike, and are capable to meet their financial needs.

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Konttorilaite was founded in 1961 to provide sales and services for office equipment and cash registers. We are an entrepreneurial company which is well engaged in to the development of our respective fields. In the chancing world we are keen to provide traditional services for our customers from different areas of business.

The roots of the company are in Pirkanmaa area of Finland, but we deliver products and services to all parts of the country.

Please find more information about us on our Finnish pages.

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